Context Object

The context object is passed to the service implementations, middleware and error handlers.

It contains the following properties and methods:

  • call: The actual call object.
  • req and request: Shortcuts to call.request.
  • meta and metadata: Shortcuts to call.metadata.
  • status: A shortcut to grpc.status. It’s an object with the grpc status codes.
  • properties: An object with the call properties, like: methodName, methodFullName, serviceName, serviceFullName.
  • write(): A shortcut to call.write().
  • on(): A shortcut to call.on().
  • end(): A shortcut to call.end().
  • send(message, metadata): It will send a response to the user, calling this function will complete the flow an will return to the user passing the result to every middleware called before the response was sent, the result will be on the next().then.

The context object can be used to pass data from one middleware to another, or to the service implementation.

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